Why Stay at a Condo or Villa While in San Jose Costa Rica

Why should you bother yourself staying in a hotel? While you can stay at a villa or condo close to the airport during your business trips, holiday vacations or on a personal adventure. On your trip don’t waste or ruin your visit wondering where you can rest in San Jose, Costa Rica, just enjoy the well set and unique accommodation that suits your stay at our condo rentals. Traveling makes one explore new places and meet new friends. Your first friend you meet is the condo rental homes in Costa Rica; you will explore the world as you are welcomed by the well carpeted grass compound with projected beautiful mountains. This is set to relax your mind after a tough and hard day. Our condos offer exciting and full of romance adventures, business trips, the opportunity of learning new language, and enjoy robust golfing.

Your heart will miss a beat, when you look at the spacious, well furnished, private and the location of our condos as they are put in a strategically and more so next to the main service providers like the airport. The vicinity of our condos is surrounded by other service providers like shopping malls; where you can buy your shopping without having a risk on your security, grocery stores, casinos; where you can enjoy your bating games with ease and meet new friends and the various restaurants available at a walking distance to make sure you can buy anything you want and within a short time you are already into your condos.

Make a visit today to our condos just even for a day or a lifetime; as you will receive his majesty treatment as our talented and professional team is waiting to pamper you and be right at your service. Our core mandate is make sure whenever you walk you have us in mind owe to the kind of service you receive. a day spend in Costa Rica will be full of excitement as we provide you with the requisite information that will make your stay memorable and more so be advantaged to learn new business opportunities.

Our condos have well fitted and spacious condominium bedrooms that is fitted with cool bathroom, well-furnished and equipped kitchen, internationally channeled television, VIP entrance, well set balconies which gives the undisputed view of golf, 24 hour manned and cctv surveillance to tighten and make you feel secure and enough unpaid car parking facilities.


Villas de Cariari – Costa Rica condo rentals close to the airport offer a combination of relaxation, comfort, good rates and a convenient location close to the airport, shopping malls and restaurants.