Clearwater Beach In Florida Is My Next Beach Destination

Clearwater Beach on the Gulf in Florida is my next beach vacation destination. This beach has pristine sand and it is soft as sugar. Although the beach can attract a lot of visitors, it is so long that there is a place for everybody to enjoy the sun and the sand. The ocean view is spectacular and one can easily believe they have arrived in Nirvana when the sun is setting. This beach can truly be a place of perfect peace. The early morning hours offer an unparalleled period of enjoyment with a gentle breeze and a beautiful but cool sun.

The people who come to enjoy the beach seem to be real beach aficionados. Many of them know the history and which expert has rated the beach in the top ten beaches in America. The proximity of very good accommodation’s make this beach even more enjoyable since every place of interest is within walking distance.

Many people bring lounge chairs and umbrellas for a long day at this marvelous beach, but visitors should bring plenty of sun screen. The sun is penetrating even when its not hot. The ocean is just a few steps away so cooling off in the water is very easy and enjoyable.

I also like this beach because it does not have a problem with sharks and sting rays. Life guards are posted nearby and emergency medical service is also available. While many people would not worry about these features, many do benefit from these every season.

Many visitors take the shuttle bus from the airport (about $15 a person, children are free) to their hotel and walk everywhere they want to go. A car is not required to enjoy this area.

Bob Heilman’s Beachcomber restaurant is a wonderful place to dine but it is a bit pricey. It is well worth the price though. However, Frenchy’s has several open air restaurants that serve wonderful seafood at a very reasonable price. Part of the charm and enjoyment of Clearwater Beach is the availability of food shops that will serve you in a bathing suit with sandals

The beach is not isolated from the activities of the community. The area is full of great restaurants and beach bars which are all within walking distance from anywhere on the beach. Some of the food shops are right on the beach, and these serve wonderful sea food at reasonable prices.

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