Enjoy the Best Surfing Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is classified as one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of its most consistent surf breaks. With Costa Rica’s tropical warm waters, you can enjoy the relaxing and peaceful oceanic environment whenever you want. Right from the sandy bottom beach breaks, safe waters through to the less crowds around the beaches, Costa Rica makes for the best surfing destination you can opt for.Costa Rica’s surf breaks are incredible and make it a perfect place for advanced surfers. Also, if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, there are many breaks that can offer you the best wave conditions for you to learn and improve quickly, you can take a high quality surf lesson with the best surf school Costa Rica has to offer. The country’s Pacific coastline has a unique shape that make its beaches to produce world-class waves. And since most beaches face different directions, the beaches are curved, resulting in a catch of massive swells from different directions.

What Are The Major Surf Vacation Packages You Can Enjoy In Costa Rica?

When you visit Costa Rica for a holiday, what you would prefer most is spending your time in luxury villas, getting chauffeured transport, having a photographer by your side and enjoying a myriad of other adventure activities. Literally, there are many things you can enjoy but nothing can beat the adrenaline filled surfing experience you will get in Costa Rica’s coastline.

Major surf vacation packages you can enjoy in Costa Rica include:

Tamarindo Surf Vacation Packages

Most of the surf tours to this region feature adventure tours, surfing lessons, luxury accommodation, food plus other all-inclusive packages. Tamarindo, Costa Rica has spectacular beaches that can offer you a perfect environment for you to take surf lessons or even rise to the tallest wave if you are an advanced surfer. Alongside the amazing coastal beaches, you can also enjoy beautiful homes, fine restaurants and other adventure tours in this region.

Nosara Beach Surfing Packages

Your visit to Nosara can be fun all-through when you choose to take an of these surf vacation packages. Such packages feature waterfall tours, adventurous zip line, up to eight surf lessons and fabulous beach homes. Nosara is Costa Rica’s coastline with a lush area where several amazing surf breaks descend from the mountains the surfers what they love most. While in Nosara, you can enjoy taking adventure tours, visiting the wildlife reserves and most amazingly enjoy the world-class surfing at the renowned Playa Guiones. The experience you’ll get at this coastal region is just worth your money.

The Surfing Tour Package

If you would love to see more of Costa Rica’s beaches, you can take on any of these packages. The surfing tour packages offer more than six world known surf breaks and that includes surf guides, photographer as well as a canopy zipline tour.

If you want to escape from your wetsuit and get to relax in an inviting oceanic environment, then Costa Rica’s coastline is the best place to be. You can enjoy surfing through the tallest waves possible and if you don’t have an idea on how to surf, you’ll find the right people to teach you how to do so. You can take advantage of the amazing available surfing packages and get to enjoy the fun of your life along the country’s most amazing beaches.

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