What Destinations Should Your Costa Rica Vacation Package Include?

So you are thinking on going on vacation to Costa Rica and ask yourself… what destinations should your itinerary include?

Below you will find some of the top destinations and places you should visit while in Costa Rica:


Tamarindo is a Costa Rican beach town with around 7,000 inhabitants. This is a prime destination for diving, snorkeling, sport-fishing and surfing. You will see plenty of turtles laying their eggs from October to May and you will also find a great variety of beaches and luxurious hotels in this sunny town. If you want to enjoy Costa Rica’s flavor or just to go shopping then Tamarindo is the place to visit. Do not forget to visit Pura Aventura, a place full of adventure and unreal experiences that will keep you thrilled at all times.

Our top hotel pick for Tamarindo: Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas (www.calaluna.com)

Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna

This great volcano is located in a national park in the rainforest. This location is perfect for taking awesome photos, enjoying incredible views from every angle… it truly is an amazing area. Remember to hire a tour guide if you want to avoid getting lost while visiting the national park. The park is equipped with all the basic necessities such as bathrooms and the entrance fee might seem a bit steep for many tourists that have already visited the park. Make a point of getting a guide while in the park to learn about the animals and the amazing things you will see in this spot.

Our top hotel pick for Arenal: Nayara Hotel Spa & Gardens (www.arenalnayara.com)

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is a park full of fauna such as frogs, sloths, snakes, monkeys and a lot of  different species of birds. If you want to witness mother nature’s amazing wildlife, get to this park and do not forget your camera. If you love surfing, snorkeling and kayaking, the park also offers beautiful beaches to practice these sports. Some visitors either rappel down a beautiful waterfall or take surfing lessons… there are lots of tours and activities you can enjoy while on this beautiful destination. Do not forget to visit ADR Adventure Park here, a spot full of adventure and tons of fun, you can climb down rocks and much more here too.

Our top hotel pick for Manuel Antonio: Los Altos Resort & Spa (www.losaltosresort.com)

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park is a lowland, undisturbed rainforest on the Caribbean coast. A beautiful and special place for any visitor out there. In this location, remote takes a wonderful and new meaning. The locals seem to respect the nature surrounding the Tortuguero National Park doing what they can do to preserve the place. A canoe boat tour is better than a motor one as you can only go down towards some regions on canoes. This is a rainforest as it should be, and you will love seeing tons of wildlife here.

Our top hotel pick for Tortuguero: Manatus Hotel (www.manatuscostarica.com)

Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica in San Jose

The Teatro Nacional Costa Rica is a place full of history, awesome art and outstanding architecture. The Teatro Nacional is a landmark you should visit while in San Jose featuring exquisite grounds and incredible interiors. In addition to this, the food served in the café is delicious. The theater is open to the public offering inexpensive concerts all year round. They even offer these concerts at noon for working people that do not have the time to drive through the terrible traffic to attend this place. Visitors will enjoy tons of activities such as ballets, concerts, and more. If you need to get parking close by at any night, you have to arrive early too.

Our top hotel pick for San Jose: Studio Boutique Hotel (www.costaricastudiohotel.com)

Our Recommended Costa Rica Travel Agency

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